Immo La Terrasse

Who is Immo La Terrasse?

Multi-faceted real estate agent with an illustrious history

La Terrasse was founded in Koksijde-Bad in 1931 as a simple café with a unique terrace, hence the name. Coastal tourism only really took off during the interbellum. A sojourn at the seaside was the preserve of affluent citizens. They would arrive at Koksijde after a tiring journey and have a drink on the terrace at La Terrasse. They could pick up the keys of their rented villa at the same time. Immo La Terrasse evolved out of these sideline activities.

Immo La Terrasse’s catchphrase, “Always in the sun”, is a playful nod to these roots. But it goes further than that. Immo La Terrasse enjoys providing its clientele with a place in the sun. Literally and figuratively!

Over the years, Immo La Terrasse developed into a multi-faceted real estate agent offering a wide array of services such as:

  • Resales
  • Newbuilds
  • Holiday rentals
  • Long-term rentals
  • Stewardship
  • Syndic
  • Insurance
  • Project development

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Who is Immo La Terrasse?
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